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Tom’s new book (co-authored with Sharon Morgan) is available in October 2012 from Beacon Press.

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“[Thomas DeWolf’s] openness evoked powerful responses from our participants about their own struggles with race, creating a rare exchange among members of diverse backgrounds.  It was truly one of our most memorable lectures to date.”
— Jacquelyn Benton, Professor, African & African American Studies, Metropolitan State College and Facilitator, Johnson Lecture Series, Denver, Colorado

“You presented a challenging and important issue with the perfect combination of data and story that held us spellbound and, I hope, inspired and equipped us for the task of repairing an injurious past.  I commend your ongoing work to improve relationships and strengthen the human community.”
— Rev. Ellen Guice Sims, President, The Quest for Social Justice,   Mobile, Alabama

“I cannot recommend it highly enough. The book is terrific.”
—Harry Smith, anchor, The Early Show, CBS

CBS Early Show
CBS Early Show

Watch Tom DeWolf, Katrina Browne, and Juanita Brown interviewed by anchor Harry Smith on The Early Show on CBS:

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“[Inheriting the Trade] is really good. Not because it solves anything, but because it gives us a glimpse of the enormity of the mess we're in and a sense we need to learn to live in the discomfort of it together.”

— Reader from California

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      Inheriting the Trade, by Thomas Norman DeWolf, is published by Beacon Press. Copyright 2007.