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  “We arrive at the place where, we are told, captured African women, children, and men were given their final bath before being taken to the dungeons ... the bathing was part of the whole marketing process by which people were sold like any other trade goods. Deals were made. People's names were taken away .... I walk through one last archway, which says 'Last Bath,' and head down a set of steps to the river.”

Inheriting the Trade

Ghana Photos

These are photographs taken in Ghana, during the second phase of the family's journey to retrace the route of the "triangle trade." The Ghanaian coast is dotted with old slave forts and trading posts, where rum and other goods were traded for slaves from inland.

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Castle of St. George, Elmina, Ghana

Cape Coast Castle

Fishing in Cape Coast

Hector and Tom at W.E.B. Dubois Center in Accra

Ledlie with students from St. Monica's School, Cape Coast

Donkor Nsuo River, Assin Manso, Ghana

Eric Manu and Tom DeWolf

Elizabeth at Door of No Return, Elmina Castle

Holly, Jim, and Elly speak with Professor Kofi Anyidoho at Cape Coast Castle

Drummers march in Grand Durbar of Chiefs, Cape Coast
      Inheriting the Trade, by Thomas Norman DeWolf, is published by Beacon Press. Copyright 2007.